Puksta Intercollegiate Fall Retreat 2022

What an incredible Saturday spent up in Fort Collins on the beautiful campus of CSU. All of our scholars from across our 5 university partners come together. Our day started with some meditation, ice breakers a little greeting from our Puksta Mascot Izzy! A huge thank you to Paul Teske, CU Denver’s Dean of Public Affairs, who came and spent his Saturday teaching a workshop on policy, leadership, and democracy. The afternoon turned into a bit of a reunion with four of our Puksta Alumni coming back for a Puksta Panel. We sat outside on stone bleachers while they told us about their experiences as Puksta Scholars and what they are doing now. It was wonderful to see the current scholars light up and ask questions and truly take advantage of the experience and knowledge. The day always goes too fast, but before you know it the Winter Retreat will be here and we will all be together to create more memories to share.