Puksta Retreat Highlight: CU Boulder Retreat

On Saturday, September 14th the Puksta Scholars of CU Boulder gathered at the NCAR Mesa Laboratory for a day of self-discovery, discussion, and trust-building. Led by their Coordinator: Roudy Hildreth and his successor: Allie Van Buskirk, the group started the day with a “trust hike” in which scholars walked along a trail without the ability of sight.

After a delicious lunch, the group engaged in personal narratives where they shared histories, stories, victories, and failures. Following this, the gathered group was visited by Puksta’s very own Director of Development and Community Outreach: NiChel Mulstay who introduced students to the new Puksta Alumni site.

Following this, the group enjoyed a presentation from CU’s very own Director of Community Partnership: Manuela Sisuentes. Afterwards, goodbyes were said and student life awaited back at school. In all, a day for building bonds, sharing, and making further strides towards Puksta perfection!