Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Blanche Marie Ndoutou

Blanche wishes to make America more of a place of refuge for refugees. Having sought this nation as an alternative to the strife where she previously lived, she is now active on the DU campus with her co-created organization: African Students United and is seeking partnerships and guidance from both her university and local community colleges to better help others just like her. An ardent student, she is also conducting research on the refugee population in Denver while working on ways of easing the transitional obstacles and stress that is often experienced by those also seeking peaceful and productive lives by coming to this country. Though she is active in these efforts, she doesn’t see herself as an activist but prefers to think she’s just a human being caring for others. Your cause is a noble one Blanche and Puksta is here to help you make your dreams a reality. Keep up the hard work and remain determined, for we are proud to have you within our ranks!