Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Chhorda Vuth

Chhorda is on a journey. Having emigrated to this country, she understands the stresses, trials, and challenges of preserving her culture while learning to work within another. That journey not only brought her here but enabled her to recently travel to India where she enjoyed yet another culture. While there, she strengthened bonds with a fellow Puksta and gained a better appreciation for those who accompanied her. While attending DU, Chhorda is working to help high school students through the same obstacles she once experienced and hopes to extend this assistance even further when she graduates. More than helping to write essays and fill out college applications, Chhorda is making friends and providing an invaluable link for those who might feel lost and alone in a new and foreign country. She is working hard to help others achieve greatness and Puksta is proud to have her within its ranks. Keep up the hard work on your journey Chhordra!