Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Dom Baca

Dom is busy but has much to do. An individual who exudes energy, optimism, and strength this CSU scholar seeks to fight injustice through the use of restorative practices in order to bring individuals and communities together. Never one to sit quietly, Dom has always been someone who asks questions and seeks answers. Sometimes his pursuits have made others uneasy, but that is how real change sometimes must occur. In his past he has seen his fellow students subjected to unfair situations and policies and now works in the present to help grade school administrations better understand their students. With the intention of creating a culture of care within these institutions, he is currently hoping to work within his former high school to address injustice and inequalities that he first identified there and which have inspired him towards achieving this end on a much larger scale. From achieving a license in Restorative Justice to shadowing the Conflict Resolution program at CSU, Dom’s work has kept him active and energized, even calling him across the nation in order to pursue his goal. We have every confidence in you and your abilities Dom. Keep making Puksta proud!