Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Dominica Manlove

Dominica makes no apologies for being who she is. With curly hair and a wide smile, this CSU student is working with young women and girls to promote self-love and respect. Once overly concerned of what others thought of her looks, her glasses, and especially her hair, she has learned to embrace her natural appearance and to make others aware that true beauty is far more than skin deep. Developing the Be Yourself and Own It campaign, she is collaborating with activists, bloggers, and stylists to create safe places where individuals can be appreciated and accepted for who they are. After graduation, she plans to seek a higher education in the medical field and intends to assist her community in numerous ways. Dominica is making great strides towards creating a future where people don’t rely on the acceptance of others in order to love themselves. Keep making those efforts Dominica. Puksta will be there to support you in every step along the way!