Puksta Scholar Spotlight: James Artis III

James is fighting for equality. Having experienced a tragedy within his own family, this DU student has taken it upon himself to be seen for something more than for his color, especially by law authorities. James is working to mend the relationship between law enforcement and African-American communities through a number of efforts intended to prevent the phenomenal number of fatal shootings that have been leaving families in tears and creating an ever-widening rift between the two within this nation. Wishing to act as a catalyst that will empower the black community to become more central in law enforcement policy and practice, he has been a mentor for the Excelling Leaders Institute and has been working with the Cherry Creek School District towards their Brotherhood efforts. After graduation, he intends to take down the walls of misrepresentation by creating a nonprofit that works towards this while working with low-income communities of color. Through sponsorship, partnership, and collaboration, James is working to ultimately make America a place that is safer and much more just. Keep working towards your goals James! Puksta is here to give you the support to help your vision (and the vision of so many) become a reality.