Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Jasmine Tran

Wellbeing is a central concern for Jasmine. From health care to home pantries, she has spent her time in both Puksta and CU Boulder working towards the betterment of families and their ability to live more fruitful lives. Originally identifying improving healthcare access for immigrants, she has refined her focus by working towards food access for families in Boulder communities. Through food banks, farmer markets, and various other food assistance programs, she is endeavoring to better ensure more than just a meal, but a nutritious, healthy, and plentiful diet for those who often don’t have either the money or the access. Having identified six mountain communities in need of this assistance, Jasmine is currently conducting research and preparing to implement a program that enhances and expands access, in addition to working on collaborative partnerships that will help her achieve this. Keep your spirits up and your focus honed Jasmine. Puksta believes in you!