Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Jennifer Cassidy

Jennifer won’t stop. Weathering adversity and shouldering responsibility, unlike many of the Puksta experience, this MSU student understands the challenges many fellow students and survivors often experience with obtaining the technology to empower their scholastic dreams. A benefactor of the TANF Gateway program, Jennifer wants to ensure that others have the ability to better control their future by soliciting and donating computers, and related gear, to the very people and communities that often have the most difficulty in getting these much-needed tools. After graduation, she wants to expand her efforts and help make the virtual world one in which everyone can participate, regardless of their wealth or circumstances. Jennifer, Puksta is excited to see where your project will take you and those who will be emboldened by your light. We offer you our most sincere wishes that you and your project will achieve amazing heights. Best wishes for your success!