Puksta Self-Care: Forging Ahead into Finals!

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The time has come when all the preparation and studying for the semester is nearing an end and final tests and papers are around the corner. Now is the time to ready your minds and bodies for the final push to finish classes. Pukstas thrive on challenge and stress, but the months of hard work can have a draining effect and can weaken us when we need all of ourselves at peak performance. Thanksgiving break can lull us into a false sense of complacency and make us vulnerable to poor performances. The final steps to the goal are near, so get yourself ready for the final push and ensure your arrival to the peak that is academic excellence!

Tips for prepping for finals:

-Get plenty of sleep: Those hours of test prep time and writing papers will seriously impact your shut-eye time very soon. Give your body, mind, and especially your immune system a much-needed boost by stocking up on plenty of slumber. Create a “sleeping zone” where you can turn off the outside world and just relax and rest. Sometimes this can be achieved through sleeping masks and earplugs. Sometimes with dark curtains and white noise. Whatever works

-Buy food and drink ahead: A stressed mind is often a focused one. Take-out and delivery can be convenient and fast, but a student budget doesn’t always allow for much of this and grocery stores can seem impossibly far away when deadlines are near. In addition to the junk food (try not to overdo this), make sure to buy a few extra meals that you know will pick up your spirits, be easy to make, and will give you the extra fuel to help you finish. Having something good to drink is also smart. Try to keep the sugary stuff to a minimum and put some of your favorite beverage in the fridge for those late nights and early mornings. Coffee and tea can be the lifeblood of students, so make sure you’re supplied well.

-Hydrate: Get your water. Dehydration can make you sloppy and unhealthy. A filtered water pitcher and a reusable water bottle (maybe one of those shiny new Puksta ones?) are perfect for keeping you in plenty of H2O and keeping you on the go.

-Actually study: There’s no other way to say it. You can’t learn by accident and rarely is anyone an instant genius, so you’ll need to crack open books, scan pages of online text, and review notes in order to get those marks that will ensure that a degree is in your future. Set a study schedule and try to stick to it. Create a space where you can focus and You can create a study habit that will serve you for finals and for the rest of your college years.

For a little more on this visit:
https://www.math.tamu.edu/~kahlig/help/cramming.html or stlawu.edu/academic-support/how-should-i-prepare-tests-and-final-exams