Puksta Self-Care: Friends are Priceless!

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More than many, Pukstas understand the stresses of college. The time spent with fellow students can not only be a way of greatly enriching the college experience but an excellent way of keeping you at your best. Sometimes avoided or taken for granted, friends can be essential to staying emotionally, mentally, and physically fit. Get a bad grade or have a stressful day? Friends are usually only one call or text away and can be one of the best ways to laugh or talk those troubles away. Good friendships often don’t need to cost a lot either. As simple as getting coffee or watching a movie with, your friends can provide something far more valuable than gold, especially when the homework piles up or (sadly) your heart might be a little bruised. Just by offering a shoulder, a sympathetic ear, or a pat on the back, a friend can provide a vital means of emotional support and allow you to build bonds with someone who you might know for the rest of your life.

Some tips on friends:

-Friends not Frenemies. Life is too short to spend time with people that don’t enrich your life. Sure, sometimes you have to keep on friendly terms with others whom you’d prefer not to, but be choosy in discerning who you decide to confide in and trust.

-Respect your friend’s space. Sometimes life is too busy for spending large amounts of time with others and a simple quick text is all you can manage. Be aware that this can also be the case for others. Catching up can sometimes be all your life and workload will allow, so communicate this with your friend(s) and be aware that they may need to tell you this also. At some point, if you both want it, you’ll find the time and place to reconnect.

-Understand that friends fight. Knowing another person so closely can also lead to differences of opinion and even arguments. Try always to be mindful and not cause offense, but know that fights can still happen regardless of how hard you might work at avoiding this. When the time is right, put your ego aside and make sure your friends know how important they are to you and work to mend those hurt feelings.

-Friendships can end. The sad fact is that friends can sometimes grow apart. Different careers, life experiences, and paths can take people in very different and unexpected directions. Sometimes a friendship that ends can be a good thing and sometimes it can just be a sad reality. If a friendship can stand the test of time (and sometimes distance) then truly cherish that friendship because you possess something amazing.

-Be a good friend. Friendships aren’t only about what others can give to you, but what you can give to them. Be invested in their lives and be there for them. Especially when the chips are down, you can help a friend see a different perspective or offer the comfort that can get them over the hurdle and back on a winning track.

For more on the benefits of friends visit the Mayo Clinic at: