Puksta Self-Care: It’s Right to Rest!

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You did it! All that hard work and endless studying are finally over and the time to rest has finally arrived. The many weeks of down-time that lay ahead might seem odd or even disquieting at first, but you’ll need this precious time to rejuvenate and reinvigorate so that you’ll be ready for the challenges of the next semester.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your rest:

Celebrate: Remember that reward in an earlier post? Now is the time to get that spa treatment, massage, or whatever else you were saving for yourself as a prize for all your hard work. Just keep it safe and pat yourself on the back. Many don’t make it through the first year of university, even more don’t achieve Puksta excellence, so congratulate yourself on your accomplishment and make a little merriment to commemorate that. Just keep it safe, so if you overindulge make sure to have a travel plan and maybe a friend along to ensure you have many more celebrations to come!

Sleep: Says it all, doesn’t it? Maybe not, as a quick nap here and there isn’t exactly the full, restful, and relaxed sleep that your body really needs at this time. You might find it difficult to slow down so suddenly, but remember that you’ve probably been burning the candle at both ends for some time and the idea of getting a full eight hours might seem alien to you. Take a few days for yourself and just rest. Your body will quickly remember and thank you for it!

Eat: Get some good fuel back into your body. Finals usually invite lots of unhealthy snacking and eating. Late-night take-out will stave off starvation, but it won’t refuel your body in the way you need. If you like to cook then go grocery shopping and make yourself a big meal (maybe invite a few friends?). If not, then maybe a local eatery will serve you up something that both comforts and replenishes. Either way, try to stay away from just filling “the void” with junk and make your meals an experience to savor.

Have Fun and Reconnect: Remember all that getting back in touch you might’ve promised once the semester was done? Now is the time to think about following through on that. Give yourself some rest time, but don’t forget that getting in touch with friends and family can also be restorative. Laughing, crying, or just reminiscing, these moments can sometimes be essential in comforting you when the finals crunch is on you again, so endeavor to grab a few while you can.

Above all, enjoy the time and make the most of it because the next semester will be back sooner than you think.

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