Puksta Self-Care: Make Your Free Time an Art!

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Many of us don’t consider ourselves artists. Especially if we are pursuing scientific pathways, art can sometimes be seen as a kind of dirty word. However, being able to creatively express oneself is often considered a much-needed means of both therapy and problem-solving. Being artistic doesn’t mean having to create your own Sistine Chapel paintings or you becoming the next Banksy, it can just mean learning a song or just doodling. Human minds can’t just be contained in a world of pure science and linear thought. Often, some of the greatest discoveries and innovations have required approaching problems from different angles and utilizing unique methods that only creative minds tend to achieve. One thing to consider is that many art forms rely heavily on science and mathematics, so art can (in some ways) be seen as a form of science. So next time your studies are done and you have a few hours to yourself, consider something creative and expressive to give your mind and your body some new challenges.

Tips on Art:

-Art doesn’t have to be public. What matters is that you enjoy it and that can happen in your bedroom, at the library, or even on the bus. The whole world, if you can devote the time and attention, can be a place where art can happen. Your art can be both personal and private. If you want to share it then all the better!

-Art doesn’t have to be good. The quality of your art does not matter. The idea of “good” is completely subjective anyway, so as long as you are enjoying yourself then you are doing your art right. Some art forms do require some training (if you have specific goals for it) but as long as you find it fulfilling then that is what matters most.

-Art doesn’t have to be costly. Some kinds of art do require supplies and some expense, but now that we have a multitude of art/craft supply stores (not to mention online stores) one can often secure these supplies at minimal expense.

-Art forms can be combined. Do you like painting and poetry? Then maybe painting poems onto an object or canvas is what will bring you fulfillment. Street artists are often known for combining art forms to create certain works and that means you can do likewise.

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