Puksta Self-Care: Massage Your Cares Away

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Student life can be stressful. One way to ease all that tension is to occasionally take a moment for yourself and get a massage. Though often believed to be a pleasure only for the rich, massage can be as simple and cheap as a friend administering a foot rub to as rich and indulgent as a spa weekend. Of course, your budget and time will be a deciding factor, but the healing touch has been enjoyed as long as history books have been written. Some enjoy massages on a weekly basis, but students might be inclined to think about either a start or end of the semester session as a means of preparing for or mending the body from the stresses of studies.

The Mayo Clinic suggests these as some of the benefits of massage:

-Helping to reduce anxiety

-Assisting with digestion and helping relieve headaches

-Easing certain muscle strains and treating sports-related injuries (consult a doctor before attempting either of these)

Some things to consider if you do decide to get a massage:

-Know the different kinds of massage and find what’s right for you

-Only get massages in places and from people you feel safe with

-Prices for the same service vary substantially. Shop around as many have web sites and posted prices

-Know what pressure level works for you and know you can have that altered during the actual massage

Before you call a center or start online pricing, make sure to check out the Mayo Clinic’s massage page at: