Puksta Self-Care: Scent Your Scene!

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Let’s be honest, students don’t always have the best smells around them. Week-old garbage, stinky socks, litter boxes that should’ve been emptied a few days (weeks) ago, and moldy pizza. Studies and papers, especially around finals time, tend to divert attention away from those things that can be a source of tension with dorm/roommates and make your quality of life less than optimal. Nobody likes an offensive smell, but we often aren’t aware when we become the ones generating it. Stink begins and accrues slowly and subtly, so we often become familiar with something until we walk into where we live and exchange fresh air for something that can have us wheezing and sometimes (even worse) heaving.

Tips for Scent:

-Clean up and wash up: The first step in getting your scent refreshed is to clean up and/or dispose of those things that often make the worst stink. Trash and dishes can often be the worst culprits as decaying food can make your home smell like a dumpster. Get that trash thrown out and put a little elbow grease to those dirty plates (rotting potatoes can be a major source of stink). You’ll notice the difference almost instantly. Cat boxes and laundry piles can also make your haven into a smelly hell, so change the litter and maybe do laundry once a week (pick a day and stick to it). Not only will you be living healthier, but it will also improve your mood and focus.

-Air things out: If the weather allows, crack open a window or patio door and let some of the outside in. Once the offensive odors are gone and the apartment/dorm room is clean, use some fresh air (don’t forget to safeguard the pets) to get the last remnants of those bad smells out. A scented cleaning agent is a great way of starting the process, but nature is often the next (and natural) best next step.

-Start small and build from there: There are a number of products that can improve the scent of where you live. Oils, diffusers, candles, incense, and room fresheners are all proven ways of making your space smell better and make your time indoors more enjoyable. Whichever you choose, start with something small and see if it does the job. You can always add but be aware that you can have too much of a good thing and can overwhelm yourself with something that’s normally enjoyable. Also, be careful with anything that requires flame or heat and make sure to take necessary precautions and be aware of pets and fire/smoke sensors.

-Dryer sheets can be your friends: Not just for making your laundry smell fresh, they can reduce static cling and keep enclosed areas (like gym bags and cars) smelling fresher. Be careful of pets getting ahold of them, but dryer sheets can help to lend some freshness to your life.

Some additional info on the benefits of good smells and the many uses of dryer sheets can be found at:
https://www.huffpost.com/entry/scents-and-wellbeing_n_5193609 and thespruce.com/use-dryer-sheets-around-the-house-4060532