Puksta Self-Care: Walking the Block

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Hiking the trails is great, but why wait for the weekend to stretch those legs and enjoy some fresh air? Studies can sometimes create insular attitudes, so don’t allow your dorm or apartment to become a place of confinement. As simple as some sweats and sneakers, taking a walk is not just getting some light exercise, but also getting you out and familiar with your neighborhood. If you’re the type who needs a destination then why not a bookstore or a coffee shop? If you have some light shopping to do, then a brief visit to the local grocery store can be an answer to breaking up the grind of reading books and papers and writing essays. As with all exercise, a little stretching never hurts, but a simple trip outside can get your muscles moving and your lungs working.

Some tips for your neighborhood travel:

-Shoes are important! Comfort and grip, especially when the weather is less than perfect, is essential.

-Safety is paramount! Only walk in areas you feel are safe and if you can bring a friend along its all the better.

-The campus is a great place to get those steps and crunch those books.

Here’s what the Harvard Medical School has to say about the benefits of walking: