Recent Puksta Highlights From CU Engage

We’re taking a moment to recognize the accomplishments of a few Puksta Scholars, Alums, and Coordinators by sharing some recent highlights from CU Engage, the Center for Community-Based Learning and Research at the University of Colorado Boulder! CU Engage is also where the Puksta Foundation is housed on CU Boulder’s campus.

In Fall 2019, CU Boulder Puksta Coordinator Roudy Hildreth became CU Engage’s Executive Director. Roudy has served as CU Boulder’s Puksta Coordinator since 2014. Roudy’s successor, Allie Van Buskirk, has been working with CU Scholars as co-coordinator through this transition since Fall 2019. Puksta Coordinators are invaluable members of our team that help potential Scholars learn about the application and enrollment process. Coordinators also share with scholars the guidelines for developing each individual’s project as part of the Puksta Scholarship. Most importantly, coordinators provide support, encouragement, mentorship, and guidance to Puksta Scholars throughout their journeys. Congrats to Roudy, and welcome Allie!

Puksta Alum Charla Agnoletti (DU ’09) was recently awarded the 2020 Anne K. Heinz Staff Award for Excellence in Outreach and Engagement. The award recognizes staff with outstanding professional commitments to and success with community outreach and engagement initiatives. Agnoletti also will receive $5,000 to support Public Achievement’s outreach as a program. Congratulations to Charla and the Public Achievement program!

Current Puksta Scholar Marwa Osman (CU Boulder ’21) was also recognized for her work recently. Marwa illustrates her development as a leader for social and environmental justice as she progresses through different programs on campus including CU Engage’s INVST and Puksta Scholars programs.

“There is the economic issue of there not being enough opportunities allowing students from different backgrounds to be here, the environmental aspect of it (CU’s Campus) not feeling safe, and the social aspect of not seeing people like you and being the only person of color in class. These can all relate to the sustainability and maintenance of diversity here at CU,” said Osman.