Staying Grounded Through Guided Meditation

As some of you may know, our Director of Development and Community Outreach, NiChel Mulstay, is a certified Practitioner/Instructor of Meditation, as well as a certified Reiki Master to help with energy healing.

Recently, NiChel launched the “Calming Bells” podcast to offer our scholars guided meditation and promote personal health. With the many upheavals to our personal and professional lives resulting from the COVID-19 situation and it’s implications, we’d like to share this podcast with our extended Puksta community, as well. We hope it will bring a sense of calmness, relief, and mindful connection.

Below is a note from NiChel that accompanies the latest episode: “Immune Strengthening Meditation.”

You will want to find a nice quiet space where you will not be disturbed for at least 30-35 minutes. Feel free to get comfortable, lay down or find a comfortable chair and let your mind be open. During this meditation, I will guide you through a few different exercises/scenarios to help expand your mind to help you communicate and guide your immune system.

“Your immune system is one of the most critical, and most fascinating, aspects of the mind-body connection. For a long time, the ability of immune cells to attack invading disease organisms was considered purely physical, even though the mechanism was not completely understood.
Then, in the ‘80s it was discovered that the immune system is highly intelligent; it became known as “a floating brain” because of the ability of immune cells to participate in the chemical messages sent by the brain throughout the body. This means that your thoughts, moods, sensations, and expectations are transmitted to your immune cells. When you meditate, these messages change in important ways.”

Deepak Chopra

I really hope this can help you, your friends and family to create a positive mindset, deeper relaxation, and nurture and encourage your immune system to work even better for you… So I hope you enjoy all the benefits that this session will bring you.

As a little extra, I added some Solfeggio music in the background (frequencies known to help bring our bodies, cells, and DNA back into resonance and health.)

Thank you for letting me be a part of your meditative journey.