Work Out at Home with Puksta Scholar Kelly Stone!

In addition to being a Puksta Scholar, Kelly Stone (MSU ’23) is also a personal trainer!

To help the Puksta Community stay physically active at home while gyms are closed, Kelly recorded a video for three cross fit bootcamp-inspired workouts, including demonstrations of the correct form for each movement and different options for various levels of athleticism. Thank you for sharing this fun way to keep ourselves moving, Kelly!

Once you’ve got the moves from the video down, turn up the volume on your favorite workout jams and try out these other exercise programs provided by Kelly:

Upper Body
50-100 reps each (choose how you want to split this up)
Jump Squats
Step Up
Donkey Kicks
Clam Shell
Hip trust (1 legged)
Copenhagen hip adduction
Leg Raises

Lower Body
Do each exercise 50-100 reps
Pike Pushup
Tricep dips
Reverse Angels
Power focused punches (your choice of combos)
Pseudo Pushup
Door Frame Rows
Elbow Lifts
Plank hold as long as possible (shoulder taps, plank walk downs and wide plank)

Full Body
AMRAP (as many reps as possible) #1: 10 minutes
5 (1 rep is a push up and 4 mountain climbers)
10 Pike pushups
15 Jump Squats

AMRAP #2: 10 minutes
10 Tricep Dips
20 Jumping Lunges (total)
30 High knees

AMRAP #3: 10 minutes
5 Plank Pull Throughs (each side)
10 Step Ups (each side)
15 Burpees