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Gerson Rojas Flores

Major: Journalism

Project: Make a documentary to showcase the struggles that first-generation and undocumented students are faced with when going to college

Inspiration: Family

Future Plans: I hope to increase the support CSU gives its first generations and undocumented students.

Nina Patterson

Major: Business

Project: My idea right now is trying to figure out a way to educate families and students specifically POCs on AP and concurrent enrollment classes. In order to increase the number of POCs that choose to further their education in college and how these classes can help them with that.

Inspiration: Growing up I had always chosen to take AP/Honors courses and in all those years I was usually one of the only POC in my classes and I didn’t notice it until about my senior year. And most of my peers didn’t take them because they were scared away by them being harder and counselors telling them that the regular classes would be easier for them. When in all reality they were not educated on the classes and how they could help them in the future.

Future Goals: I want to show POC students that they are worthy and just as capable as any other students to take those advanced courses and succeed in them. And I want families to have more education on the classes that their children are taking and the impact that they have on their futures.

Victor Delgado

Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics

Project: Find ways to fund tutoring and after-school programs. Find ways to get students of color to help in tutoring other students of color.

Inspirations: All of my professors are white, and I wouldn’t be able to take physics in Boulder due to the fact that I have no money for that kind of education.

Future Goals: Get more students of color to apply for STEM positions. Find a way to help our society in a different way.

William Trevizo

Major: Music Performance

Project: I don’t have a very specific goal. But with this opportunity I have been given, I will be more than grateful to be able to help somebody in need in any way possible.

Inspiration: I have seen how life-draining it can be to deal with an addiction and how much it affects not only the person but their peers.

Future Goals: Make someone feel like they’re supported like they have someone they can lean on when the world feels empty around them.

Keith Price

Major: Entrepreneurship

Project: I want to help present the idea of financial wellness to young individuals from marginalized communities at an early age.

Inspiration: I realized that there was a need for financial literacy among urban youth when I read a study for a class that showed African Americans are one of the most underbanked groups.

Future Goals: I want to empower young people to participate and benefit from being involved in the financial market. To build generational wealth.