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Practice Wellness Wednesday With “Walking Meditation”

Feeling like you need a break as we reach mid-week? Take some time for mindfulness and check out this latest guided meditation from Calming Bells. The Puksta Foundation’s Director of Development and Community Outreach NiChel Mulstay is a certified Practitioner/Instructor of Meditation, as well as a certified Reiki Master. NiChel launched the “Calming Bells” podcast to offer our scholars guided meditation and promote personal health.

Below is a note from NiChel that accompanies the latest episode: “Walking Meditation.”

Hi Puksta Peeps! I have been meaning to get this out to you now that the weather has turned nicer… I know meditation is sometimes the last thing we want to do when we are overloaded with virtual events and stuck in our homes. So, I thought why not include a meditation that can get you up on your feet and hopefully outside a bit.

Meditation and mindfulness are not only for when we are physically still. If you are a person that can’t sit still and find traditional meditation to be quite difficult or maybe you want to shake up your meditation practice a bit, walking mediation may be the answer. Walking meditation is a great meditation technique. It grew out of monasteries where Buddhist Monks used to sit for hours and hours to meditate. They were looking for ways to keep on meditating while moving their body, and the walking meditation became an obvious and beautiful option to implement that experience of presence while moving.

We normally walk from point A to point B while thinking about other things, which means, in other words, we’re not present. We’re not in the moment. In the moment, being in the moment, being present would mean being with the sensations in the body as we walk, being very connected to the views around you, being connected to your breath, right? These are potential focal points in the moment for presence. So if you engage with any of those, fully focusing on that particular focal point you’ve chosen, while not reacting to it, then you’re meditating while walking. Walking becomes a meditation technique.

I hope you enjoy! FYI If you go to the sound cloud link you can download the app and play it from your phone while you walk!