Celebrating the life of Eva June Puksta ~ Dec 22, 1920 – July 3, 1999

21 years ago today we lost a beautiful farm girl from Albion, Nebraska.

She moved to Denver after the war to work at the Veteran’s Affair’s office in Denver. Where she met the love of her life, Harry Puksta.

She was a knitter of owls

She was the bookkeeper for the Puksta’s

She was a warm soul

Now she is the angel watching over all of her Puksta Family.

Thank you Eva, you will never be forgotten!

When Harry and Eva expressed their simple desire to leave something behind that would help deserving students in Colorado access higher education, they never could’ve predicted the outcome. Now, over twenty years later, the Puksta Foundation has grown to become a family of over 300 current Puksta Scholars and Alumni. In addition to providing the financial support needed to attend university, Harry and Eva’s wish has also brought individuals together and helped them to become compassionate members of their communities and leaders for positive change. “Puksta” has come to mean so many things to our scholars: it’s a community of support, a passion for making a difference, an opportunity to grow, and much more.

All this is possible because of Harry and Eva. 

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