Watch the inspiring speech given at MSU’s Fall Commencement by Puksta Scholar, Luis Paredes

Puksta Scholar and Presidents Award Recipient, Luis Paredes, gave the commencement speech for Metropolitan State University. Luis graduated with a Bachelor’s of Accounting and a Master’s of Professional Accountancy in 5 years. All while working 45 hours a week, buying a home for his mother and father and raising $8,000 in scholarship funds for his Dreamer brothers and sisters. Way to go Luis!!

Click on the video below to hear his story, the power of positive impact, finding your motivation and making the right choices for our communities.

Are You Curious Enough?

Are you curious enough? This is what one of our Puksta Scholars, Allie Grossberg, asked in relation to the health of your mind and how it relates to your susceptibility to certain degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Click on the video above to learn more about Allie and her Puksta Project.

Puksta Alumni, Luis Paredes – Defying the Odds by Crunching the Numbers

His story of resilience and perseverance is truly inspiring!

“I used to be very ashamed of my Dreamer status. I know there are students out there who may feel the way I did. I want to show them there’s no reason to,” ~ Luis Paredes

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Sabrina says Yes on 300

Sabrina says Yes on 300

YES on 300 will give thousands of other students like our Puksta Scholar, Sabrina, the opportunity to achieve higher education! Scholarships have transformed Sabrina’s life. That’s why she supports #YESon300.

“A college education can give you that competitive edge, and sometimes a high school education isn’t enough to prosper anymore.”

Sabrina’s Puksta Scholarship has empowered her to help children with disabilities. Her Puksta Project takes grade school students out of their traditional classroom and into the CSU environment and incorporates service animals to practice reading, writing, and speaking skills.


~”The Puksta Foundation has not only enriched me as a student, but they have given me so many opportunities that have mase me a leader and given me those life lessons and experiences that I want to leave my campus with.”

Meet Evan and vote YES on 300

Meet Evan, a Puksta Scholar and a graduate of Poudre High School, who is pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Denver. The Puksta Scholarship he received allows him to pursue his dream of higher education without the financial stresses.

Through the Puksta Scholars Program at DU, Evan has developed a social impact project working on the issue of gender violence, in hopes to deter sexual assaults on college campuses.

Evan wants to work as a youth grief counselor when he graduates from DU. #YESon300 will empower thousands of students like Evan to achieve their dreams and positively impact the Denver Community. Learn more

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Ethnic Studies Puksta Fellows presented during this CU Denver’s RaCAS on Equality, Justice, and Dignity for all!

5 of our amazing Ethnic Studies Puksta Fellows presented during this CU Denver’s Annual Research and Creative Activities Symposium: True Apodaca, Binh Phan, Alisya Rodriguez, Tiffany Tasker, and Ji Yoon. They are presented on behalf of Equality, Justice, and Dignity for all. They all did an absolutely outstanding job!

A special congratulations to Ji Yoon, who  won 1st place in the Arts and Humanities Oral Presentation division competition at RaCAS. Her excellent presentation, “Social Consciousness in Youth: Civic Engagement in Community and Career,” was ranked unanimously as the top oral presentation by all the judges.

So proud of this program! What a way to shine!


CSU Puksta Passage

The night was full of love and laughter as we welcomed in our new Puksta Scholars Jada Johnson, Dominic Baca and Leonardo Andrade and celebrated our Puksta graduates. Dear Puksta Alumni Network, please help us welcome in Bailey Cross, David Purcella and Eduardo Hernandez! Soon to be joining them in December are Kiri Michell and Stephanie Herrera. Congratulations to all, we are so proud of  our CSU Puksta Family!!




Reydesel Salvidrez Rodriguez honored with the Rosa Parks Diversity Award!

Rosa Parks Diversity Awards

This annual award honors faculty, staff, students, and community organizations whose contributions to diversity at CU Denver embody the spirit of Civil Rights pioneer, Rosa Parks.

With the work that Reydesel Salvidrez Rodriguez is doing with his Puksta Project in his community and on campus, Rey was the only student this year to be awarded this honor! Way to go Rey, we are so proud of you!

Reydesel Salvidrez Rodriguez
Puksta Fellow
Student Director| Undocumented Student Services at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Co-Founder and Historian | CU DREAMers 

Historian | Latinx Student Alliance