Aria Dellepiane tackles the issue of sexual assault on the CU Boulder Campus

Puksta Scholar, Aria Dellepiane’s Puksta Project tackles the issue of sexual assault in the Boulder community.

This is a movement created with the idea that sexual assault can happen to anyone anywhere and anyone anywhere can take a stand. Check out the interactive reporting tool that maps out incidents of sexual assault in Boulder, CO. You can also view official police reports of sexual assault since 2005. Make a report or get connected to resources whether you are a survivor or someone who wants to take action and educate yourself and others! We hope to empower those who stand against sexual assault and aim to create a positive impact by giving survivors a voice and creating transparency about the prevalence of sexual assault in our community. Ultimately, our goal is to end rape culture by validating survivors’ experiences in order to stop the normalization of sexual assault in everyday language!